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Android 8.0 tablet or higher

Flexible and available to move around

Have a legal freelance status in France

Be at least 18 years old

What our Checkers are saying

As an expert in Lyon for over a year. I can say that Check and Visit builds a strong and lasting partnership with their national partners! If you are thorough, independent and serious, then don't hesitate and come join us!



Checker in Lyon

The app is constantly updated to make our work as Checkers more efficient. Inventory reports are always supported with a comment and a photo. The tenants are also comforted by the "neutrality" of the checker.



Checker in Bordeaux

Check & Visit is an innovative, dynamic and proactive company. As a freelancer, it is the ideal partner. The teams are here to help and constantly seek to improve the processes to satisfy all parties involved while providing quality service and high standards.



Checker in Rennes


This is the average rate our Checkers earn per assignment.


This is the average duration of an assignment.

Our operational team is at your side

A comprehensive and free training is provided to all our future Checkers.

We follow-up your first inventory assignment with detailed feedback.

Check & Visit also provides you with operational tools (Chatbot, FAQ ...) to make you as independent as possible during your assignments.

Lastly, our teams offer true quality support for your services and skills.

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